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Privacy Policy of Pazi 

About Pazi  

Pazi respects your privacy. Pazi (hereinafter referred to as “the app”) offers to detect and keep a track of car incidents, such as side swipes, ticket, vandalism, headlights on, vehicle stolen, flat tire, etc. By enabling users to report incidents in nearby areas, the app helps registered users find precise information and relevant data about incidents in surrounding places where their car is parked. The app allows users to pin where their vehicle is parked. This allows users to get quick information about incidents in a 1mile radius. The users can keep track of incidents that happen to their cars. Furthermore, users can check and keep a track of incidents they’ve reported via the app. Login process is quite simple and the app allows users to connect with Facebook as an alternative to signing up. Please note, only registered users receive reports. Those not registered to the app will be able to see only anonymous report on the map.  Please be informed that the details of the person reporting the incident can only be seen by registered users. Also, only the owner of the vehicle can see the contact number of the person who reports it.


Our Privacy Policy describes:


  • Information that Pazi collects from users;

  • How that information is used by Pazi

  • The rights & options available to users


Your use of the app is subject to the Copyright Policy and indicates your consent for the Pazi Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy.


Please be informed that the app is NOT INTENDED FOR USE by persons UNDER THE AGE OF 16.


In this Privacy Policy, the term "personal information" refers to any information (including your license plate number) that is provided by you and that, with little efforts, can be used for identifying you. The information may include your first & last name, phone number, email address and, in certain circumstances, information about your location & route.


Contact Pazi


If you believe that your privacy has been compromised by any person, in the course of using the app, then
please contact Pazi at You may send PAZI your queries and complaints by email


Information collected by Pazi will be automatically linked with your account to generate unique identifier, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Whenever you use the app, we will collect personal information (including your license plate number) that you add while creating the profile; information about your use of the app, information from your social media profiles linked with Pazi, information all your personal information added during registration. Please note that we will collect information associated with the mobile device on which you first install the application. We will collect & use your information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, whenever you activate the Application on that mobile device. We ensure the collected information is safe and intact with us and is not distributed without your knowledge/ prior consent.

How We Use Your Information. We use your Personal Information to provide you with the best possible use of the app. We never share your information with any person/ entity unless and until it is a must to serve you better.

Who can see your contact details via Pazi Please note that the contact details of the users who report an incident using Pazi are visible only to the car owner (whose vehicle is involved in the incident). Pazi is not liable to any misinformation, loss, cost, damage or expense suffered or incurred by any user directly/ indirectly in connection with/ as a result of any incident posted by other registered user.

Information Security is top priority for Pazi. That is why; we take appropriate measure to minimize the risks of damage, theft, unauthorized access, loss of information or use of information. However, these measures cannot guarantee absolute assurance. We implement organizational and technical measures to maintain the secrecy and privacy of your Personal Information, to minimize the risks of damage, theft, unauthorized access, loss of information, use of the information.

Information Disclosure to Third Parties. In case of a merger, acquisition or any other structural change, we may have to transfer your personal data to other entities. The information may be disclosed to the third parties we work with in order to deliver best services to you. We may be required by the law to disclose information to the authorities.

Cookies and Other Mechanisms of Tracking. We use cookies and other mechanisms of tracking to track your activities on our app and to compile statistics about your app usage. We may also employ third party analytics tools.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy Pazi may change the terms of this Privacy Policy, anytime without prior notification. Substantial changes will take effect after 30 days of policy change. You agree to the changes made in terms of this Privacy Policy. Continuing to use Pazi will indicate your acceptance of the amended terms.  

Pazi is nowhere responsible for any kind of miscommunication/wrong or false reporting about incidents by our valued app users. It’s solely at the discretion of the users to rely on the information presented by fellow users. We believe all users adhere to the terms and conditions of the app usage.