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Pazi Car Safety is a community

of people looking out for

each other every day 

Message drivers with their license plate #. Our app enables you to connect with drivers anywhere

Pazi Car Safety Demo


To report an incident click         button. This will automatically identify your location from the map.

  • Mark the location of your parked vehicle
  • Receive messags that happen in
    a 1 mile radius
  • Find the safest place to park from previous reports that happen in the area

Message drivers anywhere

Message Screen

Reporting is seamless with six incidents that fit your scenario. 

  • Six categories that fit any message
  • Identify incidents that happen
    in your area easily

Write message

Fill out a brief report about the incident. Add photos or video. Share your contact info (in case the vehicle owner/operator needs additional information).

  • Register with your license plate
    to receive messages
  • You can be visible or not, Your choice 

Message View

The incidents you have reported will be color coded to the applicable icons. You can also view other reports pertaining to the specific location to find the safest place to park.

  • View messages that you have
    sent on the map
  • Find the safest place to park. View 
    past reported incidents that
    happen in that area

We got your back 


Has your vehicle ever been sideswiped, vandalized or stolen?

Don't you wish someone was able to tell you what happened in real time. Our app enables you to receive messages about anything that happens to your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, drivers in your area are alerted right away.  


Flat tire


Vehicle stolen

Headlights on



Types of messages

D​eflated tire

Headlights left on

Interior lights left on

Fog lights left on

Keying the car

Smashing windows

Slashing tires 

Spray painting someone’s car 

Egging of vehicle

Parking ticket

Parking boot


Hit and run while parked

Side mirror damaged

Body panels scraped 


Pazi Car Safety will help drivers to stay connected with their vehicle.  It all started when my vehicle was hit three times while parked in the same area. I had to pay out-of-pocket twice and the third time someone left a note. Thankfully the note didn't blow away. It would have been easier if a message was sent to my phone. In these situations it is likely someone saw something. One early morning a young woman arrived to her window shattered everywhere.  I will never forget her expression of looking scared and lost. At that very moment Pazi Car Safety was born. I don't want anyone to feel alone in these situations. You are not, the pazi community will always be there.

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